Flexi Pop-Ins Terms and Conditions

Nanny Buyout
There is a £100 buyout fee for any parent interested in employing a nanny separately for a regular scheduled slot rather than using the booking system to book a block of sessions- please email flexipopins@gmail.com for this

Service provider is not expected to do any household cleaning or anything outside of the childcare working environment. Any messes re activities and child’s eating will be service provider’s responsibility whilst on duty.

Any transportation costs whilst on duty with child will be expected to be paid or reimbursed on day of booking

For safety purposes, the cost of a taxi home or to the nearest open station would be expected to be paid for any evening babysitting lasting later than 11:30pm.

Should any household not be near a place with easy access for transport links, a taxi will be expect to be paid for from 11:00pm

Antisocial and Late Hours
Any late night babysitting past 12:30 am will need to be negotiated beforehand upon request.

Any early morning childcare before 8:30am will need to be requested.

Should you need more than an 8 hour shift, you may request with the nanny and book the added hours under the miscellaneous option

Health and Safety
It is imperative that every household has a first aid kit or cabinet with safety appliances.

It is expected that service provider will be shown the appropriate use of the house for safety measures (lights, locks, first Aid Kit, Alarm if necessary).

It is imperative that all contact numbers for child’s safety be given and at least one if not both parents accessible to reach. Calls would be made if necessary or in case of emergency - otherwise texts may be sent for any general questions while on duty with child.

Additional costs and expenditure
Any lunches or dinners consumed during the shift work w/ the child will be expected to be provided by parents (for example if nanny is preparing something for the child or taking the child out to eat).

Any expenses for child activities will be expected to be paid for ahead of time or reimbursed (nanny will keep receipts should you ask for it).

Any extra children to be looked after (for example playdates with friends at the house), a surcharge will need to be negotiated upon request.

Cancellation of bookings
Termination of service can be given from both parties at any point during shift with child should necessary circumstances occur

If a Nanny needs to cancel
This is very rarely the case, but in situations where something comes up (for example: illness, inflexible appointments, or urgent matters), the nanny will explain in full detail what has happened and will attempt to arrange a substitution with one of our nannies where you will have the right to accept or decline. If you do not accept, you will be given full refund for your booking within 24 hours OR Flexi Pop-Ins can apply a credit with your permission. In any event, you be will offered half-price off your next booking should you wish to book that nanny again in future or a 10% off voucher for a booking with another nanny.

Full refund on or before 72 hours notice
Half refund on or before 48 hours notice
No refund on day of (however these hours can be credited and made up in another booking if you can guarantee 2 more bookings to ensure the protection of the business)

Privacy & Surveillance
All nannies have the right to ask if there are any surveillance cameras in the household. Any video recording of the nanny that has not been consented by the nanny can result in the session being terminated straight away.