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We are pleased to announce our new “Friends” promotion with GYMBOREE ISLINGTON  giving all our clients a £25 discount for new signups!

Just ask us upon booking.   https://www.gymboree-uk.com/franchisees/islington/ - about-us

Melissa ClarkeNow you can book experienced, qualified, professional Flexible Nannies for all your childcare needs through this easy automated system which allows you direct access to our personal working schedules, as well as secure payments and email confirmation for all your requests.  

Please take the time to read this section of the booking website as it will answer many of your questions and outline important information you need to know before booking. If you have any queries about the business, do not hesitate to email-   Flexipopins@gmail.com

For those of you who already use this service please do spread the word about the site, and for any new clients, please have a read about what it is Flexi Pop-Ins offer, our experience, and the terms and conditions of any bookings. Then hopefully we can be on our way!

Flexi Pop-Ins 

If you need someone Insured, DBS, First Aid Certified & Specialised to look after your child/children and keep them happy, safe, and secure, we are here to help you! With years of experience behind us working with children (& owner Melissa Clarke, as a fully qualified counsellor & nanny/family support trainer/advisor) we have a well rounded understanding of the development, varying personality structures, behaviours, and differing needs of all children ranging from infants to teenagers. Our nannies will adapt to the varying parental styles that each family acquires as well as integrating them with their own style in childcare provision.


Some of the things we can assist with are:  taking your child to playgroups, parks, local farms, recreation centres, outdoor and after school activities, games at home, doing arts and crafts, reading, playing music, skills tasks, general health & safety watch, bath time, and meal preparation (we can assist with any extra tutoring & concentrated educational needs for an added price - we are soon to be cutting deals with some external private tuition services). Many Flexi Pop-Ins clients will tell you that their children's experience of our nannies are that we are carefree, silly, and fun, as well as assertive with boundaries. We will clean & tidy up anything to do with whatever activities your child partakes in within that shift. 

How it Works

1) select the relevant button for your child's age   

2) choose your hours  

3) choose your Nanny! 

(do make sure to email & introduce yourself to your chosen Nanny if it's the first time booking them) 


(must book a 'Meet & Greet')

It is is essential that each nanny you would like to book meet you and your child/children to alleviate any concerns you & your child may have, and to make sure they are the best fit for you and your family before any future bookings. You can do this by scheduling a 30 minute video session (Skype, Facebook, Zoom etc) or 1hour  'Meet & Greet' in person under the 'Meet & Greet' option above. PLEASE NOTE: 

1- If you don't know which Nanny to book, please email Flexipopins@gmail.com & you will hear back from us within a few hours recommending the most suitable childcare provider for your situation.

2-If you already have a childcare date in mind, make sure to run a test booking first to check each Nanny's availability on their schedule before booking the 'Meet & Greet' so you know they are available on the date you want. 

3- If you are going to book a video session, the nanny and you can decide together what the best time would be for you both to hold that session (in the meantime you can just make a random booking on system)

Locations: London (In and Around)

Our central hub is Islington, but all our nannies live in various locations & take bookings all over London (for more info-please check their profiles).  All nannies need at least 1 hour travel time between bookings & this will be automatically blocked on the system. So whatever time you see open on their schedule, there is no need to factor this in. 

We will also search to find activities that will suit your child's needs in any other locations outside of this until we set up in your area. 

Booking Hours, Shifts, Babysitting, Extended Services 
Booking requirements are a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 8 with any one family (however these may be negotiated w/ your service provider). General starting times are between: 

-Mon-Fri  7:30am-12pm but can be flexible if necessary. 

-Weekend and Evening childcare is an option so long as it's available to book on the scheduler. Please note: Any Weekend Daytime work should be booked under the 'Weekend Daytime' option only. 

-Overnight stays are a flat rate fee of £50 per night starting from midnight & an hourly charge in the mornings from when the children wake up and need attending to. Please email all overnight stay requests to flexipopins@gmail.com

-Holiday stays works on the same basis as an overnight but expect a minimum of an 8hr workday booking inc overnight fee for ever day spent away

-Group Childcare bookings- please get in touch for a quote with a list of the number children attending and their age-range as this is important to know what activities to bring & level of responsibility that can manage in one setting.  Expect to pay a minimum of no less than £18 ph. 

Any questions or requests for modified bookings or invoicing please contact -  flexipopins@gmail.com

References are available upon request.  Please feel free to email an introduction of yourself or ask any questions to any one of the Childcare Providers. Emails addresses are listed on their profiles by their picture.

It is required that you please read the Terms and Conditions section you will find at the final page of the booking process just above the "Book Now" button so there is no confusion and you know exactly what you are signing up to. Also make sure you have selected the correct service before making any bookings as the price will vary depending on age of child and number of children.

Currently looking for Nannies with some weekday availability.  We require a high level of presentation so an interview will be required.  Please email  flexinannyrecruitment@gmail.com  Must be DBS checked

Contact us

E-mail: flexipopins@gmail.com